Episode 2: The Alien Baby

Bacchus had a vision from the Builder that he would encounter aliens and that they would gift him with a child.  That child would be his sign to begin his holy quest in earnest.  When the heavenly lights came there was no containing his joy!

Bacchus waited anxiously to climb aboard their star ship and head for the skies.

What he had dreamed of all of his life was nothing like what had happened.  Unpleasant things were put into all orifices of his body and upon his return he felt as if there was a lead weight sitting on top of his bladder.  Bacchus stared in horrified shock as the alien trotted off and disappeared into her ship.

Bacchus tried to put the event behind him, but it had heightened his emotional problems, pushing his already tenuous sanity to the razor's edge of shattering.  Many was the time he would find himself acting like a horse or a cat, licking his "paw" and washing himself.  Were he more flexible there would probably be other areas he would have licked as well.

Though he had gotten used to the feeling of lead in his body, he was also putting on the pounds and it showed.  However, there were other things to worry about and when Bacchus was more or less himself, he continued to busy himself with his other obsession; his garden.  He was becoming quite the gardener and he hoped so someday travel to France and buy the equipment he needed to pursue his life's dream.  

Without warning, there was excruciating pain.  Bacchus can't tell you what happened but when it was over the weight on his bladder was gone, his stomach was back to normal, and he was hold a white-skinned infant with solid black alien eyes and little pointed ears.  It was his first child and when it cried out for food he discovered, much to his surprise, that he was lactating in response.

Money was still tight, but Bacchus was able to afford a small underground room and a tube elevator. Inside he now had a bed, a toilet, a crib, and even a training potty.  The child he named Ittilittik, and they began their new life together.

Bacchus was starting to make some money and he afforded an antique refrigerator a sink and an old counter.  It wasn't the mansion he had always dreamed of, but it was his and it protected him and his son from the harsh elements.

Not soon enough, Ittilittik's birthday came.  Bacchus bought a cake and they had a quiet celebration together.

The evening was marred by another one of Bacchus's fits of insanity where he thought he was a horse, but no one was seriously hurt.

Ittilittik was now a toddler and much to his father's surprise, his ears were stunted.  Ittilittik did not manifest the bunny genes.  The rabbitman was devastated, but he vowed that he would raise the child and give him a good life.

In the mail came a mysterious doll.  It creeped Bacchus out, but Ittilittik loved it and would not be anywhere without it, so his father tried his best to ignore it.

Bacchus found that raising a toddler was even more frustrating that an infant.  He did manage to potty train the kid, but he didn't have the patients to teach him more.

What his house lacked in splendor, his garden made up for.  It was coming along nicely and he was even growing a money tree, though it wasn't nearly as profitable as some of the other plants.

With more money, Bacchus expanded their home further, making a usable kitchen and then adding a robotics invention room.  He jsut couldn't stand the time it was taking to raise a child, and if he were going to populate the world with bunnmen then he needed help.

The look of delight in Ittilittik's eyes when he saw his robotic nanny, called "Granny Nanny" by his father, warmed the rabbitman's heart and he knew that it was time to try to start spreading his seed.

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