Episode 3: The Alien Boy is Growing Up

Ittilittik remained bald as he grew to childhood.  He longed for his father's long blue hair and beard, but just assumed he was too young to grow either.

Ittilittik continued to love the doll he had as a toddler and even gave it a new name; Fleshlight.  While many other children his aged would "experiment" with their stuffed animals, his personal experiments were with his doll.  Imagine his surprise when it came to life just after one of his special sessions!

When he could pull himself away from Fleshlight, Ittilittik would have Granny Nanny help him with his homework, but for the young alien boy school was hard and his mind was constantly on his living sex toy.

The Rabbitwood underground home was growing and now there were proper walls separating most of the rooms and Ittilittik even had his own room.  Bacchus still was cash poor and struggled to grow the family fortune with only mediocre success.

For reasons that no one could explain, Granny Nanny too was abducted by an alien.  What they did to the plumbot she either would not say or she did not have the capability to say.

Meanwhile, Bacchus was no longer a young adult.  He was at the middle of his life and still he had only produced a single offspring and that offspring did not have the bunny ears.  He could feel The Builder's displeasure, but he continued to obsess on his garden and did little to try to expand his family or his race.

Ittilittik too was growing older and soon he was a teenager.  His hormones were running wild and his alien blood started to show even more.  He finally had hair, no longer needed sleep and he could do things with his mind.  The first thing he did was scan his living doll and he discovered that without a doubt it was a she and she enjoyed their special time.  If only he could make her real so that they could have children and a life of their own.

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