Episode 7: Life Goes On

 A typical scene in Rabbitwood with Ittilittik feeding his brain from the universe while Granny Nanny teaches Xena to walk.

Bacchus has pulled himself form his depression and returns to the beginning -- the library -- to enhance his cooking skill in preparation for the nectar brewing he will soon start.

Jordan reaches her teenage years with her future ahead of her, but she is saddened at Triton's feeble condition.

Ittilittik spends nearly every free moment he can in his lab, desperately seeking the formula that will turn Fleshlight from sentient sex toy to living, breathing sex toy.

Even in the day, Bacchus continues to garden, though he can't stay outside long before he begins to smolder in what have become for him the deadly rays of the sun.

Still clinging to life, Triton celebrates Xena's birthday with her and Ittilittik.  Xena thinks Triton smells funny.

The public schools are no place for a mermaid, and many have died from dehydration under the rigid hand of the uncaring educators, so Jordan is sent off the boarding school to study art.

Ittilittik nervously gives Fleshlight the potion he made to turn her real...

And it works perfectly.  The two young adults have their whole lives ahead of them.  Ittilittik wants to immediately have a family, but Fleshlight just wants to enjoy the sex and not worry about actually trying to breed.

While Fleshlight was strong-willed enough to keep Ittilittik from breeding her, she was helpless against the charms of his father.  What was to be a simple act of pleasure led to the living doll's first pregnancy.  She was terrified to tell him, but she knew he would find out sooner or later.

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