The Rabbitwood Family - A Sims 3 Legacy Challenge

The Rabbitwood Family Legacy

The rules for the Sims 3 Legacy Challenge as written by "Pinstar" can be found here.  In addition to the stock rules I am implementing the following:
  1. Using the optional family trait rule, all members of the family must be unstable.  However, any in-game measures may be taken to keep them from shifting their traits when they have an episode.
  2. Any child that does not develop bunny ears as a toddler is not counted as an heir or spare.
  3. Into the Future technology may be used, but use of the time portal is not allowed.  It must be stored in the family inventory until after the founder has reached level 10 in their chosen career, and then it can be sold.
  4. "Created" children are a special category with different rules depending on how they are created:
    1. Alien Abduction: Assuming that they have the ears, they are treated as heirs without any special requirements.
    2. Plantsim: Those grown by forbidden fruit do not count as heirs; however, they may be bread with and thus count as mates once they have been turned human.
    3. Cloned From Sample: These are treated as heirs without any special requirements.
    4. Imaginary Friend: Once made real, they can becomes mates and be bred with.
    5. Plumbots: They may be a part of the household, but they are never heirs or mates.  They do not earn any points as they are not of the family blood.  
    6. Door of Life & Death: It is not allowed to use this to return a ghost to life.  Pregnancies initiated by this method can count as heirs if they meet the other requirements.
  5. All of those with bunny ears are encouraged to breed as prolifically with as many people as possible so as to spread the bunnies in the world.
  6. NEW RULE: All bunny people must take the "Fertility Treatment" as their first lifetime reward.  (Sims made before this rule was added must take it as their next lifetime reward, unless the Sim is too young for it to be offered.)

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