Episode 1: Meet Bacchus Rabbitwood

Bacchus Rabbitwood [Generation 1 - unstable, insane, neurotic, gatherer, green thumb] believes that he was sent a vision by The Builder when he was just a toddler.

When he graduated from the Community School for the Gifted, he moved to a huge undeveloped lot in Isla Paradiso.

With only $1,300 to his name, Bacchus did not have the money for a proper home, but that did not matter.  he was insane enough to grab his sleeping back and crash wherever and whenever he felt like it.  He had other machinations for his meager funds.

It was Bacchus's life dream to have the greatest wine cellar in the world, and calling form the Builder or not, he was going to do just that.  But the first step was to grow some fruit.  With a little money left over he even bought an outdoor shower, though he didn't have the money for a toilet, but he didn't care.

Bacchus spent time at the library, using their bathroom, staying out of the heat, and reading about cooking and gardening.

Having no bathroom was rather uncomfortable at times and always ended up with him needing a shower to clean up afterwards.  At least being outside he didn't have to worry about mopping up.

Once in the library he encountered a woman dressed like a playboy bunny.  It amused him and he made a mental note that perhaps he would breed with her in the future, but someone else beat him to it and he wasn't ready for sloppy seconds.

Many times, day or night, one could find Bacchus sleeping on the floor in the library.  His own bed was a dream for the future when he wasn't so poor.

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