Episode 6: Dark Days

Leeann gets $52,250 inheritance and secretly decides to move out on her own without her children so she can live a glamorous life away from these insignificant freaks.  

Xena was given all of the attention when the twins' birthday came around.  While everyone else celebrated the bunny boy's sister, Hrairoo was left alone to cry.

Before she announces that she is leaving, Bacchus sneaks up on Leeanna and they have one final romp in the shower.

Not even Bacchus' new supernatural speed can let him escape the tears of a broken heart.

After she finds out that Bacchus spent their fortune and her inheritance on the epic winery deep under the mansion, Leeann storms from the house not even bothering to dress herself.  Only Bacchus was sad to see her go.  After leaving, she became known as the town Harpy.  Little did she know then that she was again pregnant.

As a vampire, Bacchus learned a new way to sleep, though his bedroom was now in the deepest, darkest level of the house adjoining his empty wine racks and his new nectar makers, imported from France.  Triton now slept alone, but at his age he cared little.  Each day that passed was one day closer to his eternal rest, and he longed for it.

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