Episode 4: The Diva, The Mansion, and the Nightmare Child

After a string of nightmares involving The Builder either torturing his genitals, castrating him, or even fully nullifying him, Bacchus became desperate.  He consulted occult sources and in a fit of desperation he built a replica of The Door of Life and Death.

Bacchus made a deal with The Grim Reaper for a supernatural child; a hybrid between him and his good friend Triton.  The request was granted and Bacchus's cryptic pregnancy began.

Triton was in quite a state of shock when he got the news that he and Bacchus were going to be parents and even more shocked as to how it came to happen.   Ittilittik didn't care.  He didn't have the bunny ears and he knew that he was never going to be the heir of his Father's estate.  His only hope would be to survive long enough to marry back into the family after several generations, and then it would be his child that would be heir, and then only if they had the bunny ears that Bacchus so coveted.

 Bacchus was walking down the hallway when...

 Insanity struck...

And he began to rant about how he was doomed by The Builder and how he was going to be mutilated and that he had failed in his holy mission to spread bunnymen across the world.

Hours, or was it days later the psychosis was over.  It then, in the same hallway, that he noticed that the cryptic pregnancy had progressed and he was quite large.  In fact, Bacchus had gained much more weight than when he was carrying Ittilittik, making the supernatural pregnancy even harder to endure.  But, so long as The Builder was happy, then he would endure.  And then he had another panic attack, but nothing near as severe as what he had experienced earlier.

Before long, though much longer than Bacchus would have liked, the time for the birth was at hand.

Triton and Bacchus were both without an explanation for their child's skin coloring.  Both of them were deathly white and here was a dark brown baby.  What had the Grim Reaper done to them?  But medical tests confirmed that the child was both of theirs.

There was no doubt that Jordan was Bacchus' child as he had given birth to her, and even less when she had developed her bunny ears.  But Triton was still unconvinced that she was his child.

Meanwhile, Ittilittik had developed a fascination with the supernatural.  He was determined that there was a way to gain his father's praise and acceptance if he could somehow get the secret to the Door of Life and Death and be granted a bunny-eared child of his own, even his his very father was the donor.

The door would not accept him at his age, so he began researching alchemy looking for a way to speed his aging or slow his father's.  He did not yet understand that both actions were forbidden by The Builder and if he succeeded then they would no longer be the chosen ones.

Bacchus seduced one of Ittilittik's friends from school.  In the eyes of many she was too young, but she claimed she was nearly of legal age and if he succeeded in impregnating her she would be of legal age before the child was born, and thus he did.

The happy day came when Bacchus was finally promoted to the utmost ranks in his profession.  He was now known as an Agricultural Mastermind and his abilities were without limit.  The cash he was earning selling his produce had made more than enough money for a comfortable life in their modest underground home.

Bacchus convinced Leeann to move in, much to his regret.

Leeann was a diva and she insisted that Bacchus spend all of his money renovating the house into something that did not make her sick to look upon.  Weak from another major bout of mental instability, Bacchus agreed and soon the fortune he had build up from his gardening career was gone, as was the car he had bought when he was suffering his midlife crisis.  At least Triton had been able to convince her to let them keep the gay pride rainbow walk that he had put in, but she had it moved in line with the new and larger surface structure.

The fact that the new home was a lot of smoke and mirrors did not settle well with Leeann, but they were out of money.  The upper levels of the two main towers were still not sound and thus they were unusable.  They didn't even have stairs to reach the 3rd story yet.  She pressured Bacchus to make more money so that their new home could be finished and she would not have to dirty herself by living underground.  At least with what they had, she could entertain guests so long as they had no need of restroom facilities, which were still in the basement as the 2nd story bathrooms had not even been started.

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