Episode 5: Of Vampires & Bunnies

Leeann continued to pour every scrap of money Bacchus made into building her mansion.

In the end, it was a sight to see, but the Rabbitwood family was cash poor, with less than §100 to their name.

Leeann made the mistake of angering Ittilittik and the angry young teen mixed up a potion and made her huge.

Still as large as they come, Leeann's water suddenly broke and she went into labor, much to the shock of the elderly Triton.  She gave birth to twins; a girl named Xena and a boy named Hrairoo.

As Bacchus held Xena, he was sure that she would become a bunnyman just like her father, but only time would tell.

Ittilittik was overjoyed when he shed the mantle of teenager...

But now the young adult had to focus his efforts.  Bacchus wasn't growing any younger and he still needed his father.  He was sure that there would be an answer within the mysteries of the occult that did not displease The Builder.

Leeann cared so litter for her new children that rather than focus on feeding Xena, she nearly suffocated her daughter.

Bacchus wasn't sure what had happened to him.  Ittilittik appeared and threw some vial at him and then locked himself into his lab.  Bacchus felt and looked different, but he wasn't sure what it was at first.  And then the hunger for blood hit and he knew that he was now a creature of the night; a vampire.  He didn't know why his fist born son had done this to him, but he guessed it had to do with the boy being skipped over as his heir due to the lack of bunny ears.

While being a vampire may have granted Bacchus a longer life, it also meant that it was much easier for him to meet his death.  He fretted about how he could continue his garden and how he could spread bunnies throughout the world, but those answers would come to him in time.  For now, he had to get out of that ridiculous getup and into clothing that was more sophisticated.

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